Wednesday, 5 April 2017

What does good recruitment look like?

Back in 2001 Sir Martin Sorrell told the editor of Campaign magazine that WPP "didn’t recruit people very well". The world’s best known communications services group certainly wasn’t alone and while CEOs often site attracting, retaining and developing ‘talent’ as one of their strategic priorities, evidence in support of this isn’t always overwhelming.

Three years ago this month, the recruitment industry trade body, the REC, launched the Good Recruitment Campaign to shine a spotlight on and encourage good recruitment practice, not as an end in itself, but to help organisations acquire the people they need in order to perform and grow.  A cornerstone of the Good Recruitment Campaign is a nine point charter of principles that all signatories aspire to, from promoting diversity and inclusion to delivering a positive experience for candidates.

To-date, more than 200 organisations have signed-up including Diageo, EY, Jaguar Land Rover, McDonalds, National Express and Royal Mail.  Valerie Dale, Human Resources Director at Aggreko comments “We joined the Good Recruitment Campaign to work on the effectiveness of our recruitment strategies. After coming on-board, the initiative provided us with critical guidance from workshops, research data, and a rich network of HR and Recruitment professionals. We decided to rebuild our entire recruitment processes alongside the Good Recruitment Charter, which has resulted in an enhanced candidate experience, shorter recruitment times, an improved service to hiring managers, and significant cost reductions. We highly encourage more businesses to sign up to the charter and support the campaign.”

So if you care about good recruitment – hiring the best people you can while making sure everyone involved in the process is treated how you’d want your best friend to be treated – look up the Good Recruitment Campaign.  You don’t have to be Sir Martin Sorrell to know it makes sense.

Written by Wayne Reynolds, founder of corporate affairs recruiter Birchwood Knight and a member of the REC’s Employment Policy Committee.

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