Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Quiet confidence in the corporate affairs world post Brexit

We recently canvassed the opinion of more than two dozen senior corporate affairs leaders, asking them for their views on the initial impact of the Brexit referendum, now just over ten weeks ago.

Perhaps not surprisingly, more than half (59%) reported an uncertain outlook, with the same percentage stating that they and their colleagues are concerned about the result of the vote. 

But around a fifth (22%)  said that the outcome of the vote had had little or no impact on their organisation, and a further fifth (19%) said they saw it as a real opportunity. 

In addition, 67% said the EU vote has had no impact on the size and shape of their policy, public affairs or communications teams, with 25% saying they’re investing in more staff on either a permanent or freelance basis, or both. 

Iain Anderson, Executive Chairman at Cicero Group commented “There is still very much a phoney war going on right now. But uncertainty does provide opportunities for the sector. Communicating clearly has never been more important for business if we are to achieve the soft Brexit that creates least harm and most opportunity”.

In our business the period leading up to and immediately post the EU referendum, the three months to the end of July, saw our strongest ever quarterly performance in our seven and a half year history as a business. 

With a new Prime Minister and Cabinet at the helm, uncertain times ahead, and fragile sentiment among colleagues, customers and investors, there’s arguably never been a more interesting, or indeed more critical, time to work in corporate affairs.  We remain quietly optimistic.

Written by our founder Wayne Reynolds.  To comment contact us or tweet @birchwoodknight and @reynoldsws.

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