Friday, 7 April 2017

Pro bono – what Birchwood Knight can offer

Over the course of 2016, we began discussions, as a team, around our CSR offering and how we could do something that would have a charitable or social impact. As a specialist business, we felt it would be better to do something that put our expertise to good use, as we’re aware of the challenges faced by other small organisations – which are unlikely to be able to afford the search fees – in finding good communications practitioners.

Through a mutual contact, we were put in touch with a small charity called Migrant Voice. Their work focuses on shifting perceptions of migrants and refugees by providing them with a platform to tell their story. They work closely with major news outlets, providing media training, and then offering them the opportunity to talk through his/her experiences.

We met with their Director and Project Development Manager to understand their cause and their need, as well as the challenges they face. They were particularly concerned that with no previous communications experience, they might not be able to accurately judge what “good” looked like.
We were able to assist them with a process, using our expertise and network of contacts to provide a strong shortlist for interviews.

We were delighted when they announced that they had a made a successful offer to a candidate, and subsequently that he had settled in well to his new role. Here’s some of their feedback:

“We are so grateful you decided to offer in-kind support enabling us to benefit from your excellent expertise, which we would otherwise have been unable to afford. Your support has made a huge difference to our small charity, with limited resources and capacity, going into a fairly new area of work.”
Nazek Ramadan – Director, Migrant Voice

Whilst we haven’t formally laid out criteria for a pro bono client, we expect them to be a charity or not-for-profit organisation, with an annual budget of no more c£600,000, and a headcount of fewer than ten permanent staff.

If you meet these criteria, or know of an organisation that does, and would like support in recruiting someone to help with your communications, please get in touch. For further information, please send a brief description of your organisation and the search you’d like to conduct, to

  • Media relations
  • Internal communications
  • Government affairs & public policy
  • Financial communications
  • Digital corporate communications
  • Speechwriting