Candidate testimonials

  • "My consultant at Birchwood Knight was really useful in helping me make the move from a PR agency to a charity. She made the process of organising interviews and discussions with my new employer really smooth, kept in contact so I was always aware of next steps.     "

    Tom, Media Relations Executive

  • "My experience with Birchwood Knight has been nothing but positive. My consultant took great care to match me to suitable roles and ensured that I was fully briefed before each interview. When I reached the final application stage for a job with another recruiter, they ensured the process on moved as quickly as possible, which allowed me to successfully take up my preferred role through Birchwood Knight. "

    David, Communications Executive

  • "After nine years in the civil service I decided it was time to move out of Government. After seeing a few agencies I was impressed with Birchwood Knight’s friendly approach and I felt they were genuinely trying to help me find a job that would play to my strengths. They were very helpful throughout the process and made sure I was well-briefed and prepared for interviews. I would definitely recommend them to others in my position. "

    Hannah, Head of Media

  • "In a people-driven business, it is surprising how rare it is to find a people-driven recruiter. Birchwood Knight is that recruiter. They were a breath of fresh air in securing my new role within three weeks of our first meeting. Throughout the process, they were excellent at managing my expectations, transparent about what may or may not work and determined to ensure I was best placed to secure a role that best fit my ambitions. I felt enabled and confident about the role I was applying for. I have no qualms in recommending Birchwood Knight very highly and hope this is the start of a long and successful relationship for future roles I may consider. "

    Eshaan, Employee Communications Manager

  • "Birchwood Knight were very helpful and professional. They gave me excellent advice and guidance, which was very useful after a long time away from interviewing. I certainly felt that they were trying to get the best outcome for everyone. "

    Caroline, Communications Manager

  • "I would strongly recommend Birchwood Knight. I had an introductory meeting where they made sure they really understood my experiences and also offered advice on my CV – especially useful as it had been some time since I had seriously looked at new jobs. The roles they suggested were all exciting opportunities that I would otherwise not have known about. Then, as I was preparing for interviews they made sure I knew what to expect and sent me useful reading material to help me prepare, which meant I was offered a great job opportunity. "

    Ben, Policy Advisor

  • "Birchwood Knight were extremely professional and most importantly, proactive throughout my job search. I really felt as though the team were invested in finding the right new role for me, not just any available job. They were fully engaged in the process from start to finish; I was well briefed in advance of interviews, given timely feedback and real support when it came to the final negotiations. I've now settled into my new role and I have just used Birchwood Knight to add an additional member to my team. As a client I was impressed to receive the same high level support that I did when I was a candidate. I would use them again both as a candidate and as client, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to peers as a first point of call in either situation. "

    Oonagh, Head of Media Relations

  • "Birchwood Knight are a cut above in the recruitment world. The level of support and guidance they provide candidates is unparalleled and their knowledge of their market and clients is meticulous. They are realistic, open, fair and informative. Having experienced their high levels of professionalism and integrity as a candidate, I wouldn't hesitate to use them in future recruitment. "

    Maria, Director of Public Affairs

  • "Birchwood Knight offered me fantastic support through the recruitment process. The advice I received from adapting my CV to interview tips and company insight was incredible, and helped me secure a great position with a very well-respected company. I can’t recommend them highly enough. "

    Candice, Corporate News Manager

  • "Birchwood Knight handled my appointment in a thorough and professional way. Their sound advice at each stage helped make the process as smooth as possible. "

    Anthony, Head of Media Relations

  • "I am very impressed with Birchwood Knight. They took time to get to know me and proactively came forward with job opportunities. My consultant is a refreshing change from many of the recruiters I met. She is friendly, professional and genuinely cares about her candidates. "

    David, Strategic Communications Manager

  • "Birchwood Knight showed an understanding of what speechwriters do, how they work and where they fit into a team which simply doesn't exist at other agencies. From first meeting to final offer, they were clear, honest and straight forward. A pleasure to deal with. "

    Matthew, Speechwriter

  • "I was really pleased to work with the team at Birchwood Knight to secure my latest role. They took the time to understand my experience and skills to identify suitable roles. There was constant communication throughout, from making sure I was fully briefed before interviews, to checking I had everything I needed before starting my first day. "

    Andrew, Internal Communications Manager

  • "Birchwood Knight provided highly intuitive and effective advice when linking me to my new role and organisation. The staff were able to convey clearly the priorities of the employer, while helping me articulate the contribution I could make. I’d recommend Birchwood Knight highly to both employers and candidates. "

    Craig, Director of Communications

  • "Working as a freelancer, Birchwood Knight have been invaluable over the last couple of years. They have a rare combination of extensive networks across the financial services sector, a detailed understanding of communication specialisms and a genuine interest in both client and candidate needs. As a result Birchwood Knight have secured me interesting - and varied - work for a range of institutions, including an investment bank, universal bank and a financial trade body. Not only furthering my freelance business, but also adding significantly to my CV and future employment prospects. "

    Rachel, Speechwriter

  • "Birchwood Knight helped me enormously in my successful application for a role - I found them to be extremely supportive and full of great advice at every stage of the process, always ensuring I was fully prepared and knowledgeable about all aspects of the prospective job. They encouraged me throughout and I found their representation on my behalf to be of huge benefit, crucial to my eventual recruitment for the post. "

    Nick, Digital Communications Manager

  • "I was deeply impressed with Birchwood Knight throughout the entire recruitment process. They provided continued support, advice and insight and remained responsive and available at all times. As a result I felt well prepared for each interview and extremely supported each step of the way. I would absolutely recommend Birchwood Knight. "

    Rebecca, Communications Manager

  • "The team at Birchwood Knight were such a pleasure to work with. I was looking to make the move into a corporate in-house role and they guided me the whole way, providing me with interview tools and pulling out the right strengths and experience for the role I was going for. Friendly and professional, they kept me in the loop throughout the interview process right up until I was offered the job! "

    Lindsay, PR Adviser

  • "Birchwood Knight are very personable and professional. They took the time to find out about me and what I wanted from a new job. They were also very knowledgeable about the companies they were recruiting for and I found their pre-interview preparation a thorough and valuable part of the application process. I would highly recommend Birchwood Knight. "

    Katherine, Digital Communications Executive

  • "I am truly impressed with Birchwood Knight. They approached me while I was working in Asia, with a great job opportunity based in London. During the application and interview process, they gave me good, professional guidance and were always available when I had questions or requests. I could really tell that they know the market very well, know their clients very well, and know how to bring out the best from candidates. I have now secured the role I really wanted and wholeheartedly recommend Birchwood Knight. "

    Tim, Head of EU Affairs

  • "Birchwood Knight really strive to put the right candidates in the right positions. As someone who moved country to take up my current role, it was so important I found the right opportunity before I took that step. I felt that my skills and profile were really taken into careful consideration and the Birchwood Knight team helped me find the perfect role for me. "

    Hannah, Digital Executive

  • "I've been contracting for just over two years and this is the first time I've worked through Birchwood Knight. Having worked through several other agencies in the past I can safely say that Birchwood Knight are the best in the business! They offer a very personal, supportive and tailored service to both client and candidate at every step of the recruitment process. "

    Nick, Senior Communications Manager

  • "I have no hesitation in recommending Birchwood Knight. The company provided an extremely professional service from the very beginning to the end of the process. I was particularly impressed by the sensitivity and guidance provided by my consultant when helping me face the daunting spectre of changing sectors after more than 17 years in defence. The experts at Birchwood Knight guided me through the process providing me with sound advice along the journey. A truly "top class" service. "

    Chris, Head of External Affairs

  • "My consultant's personal advice was crucial in helping me tailor my application, prepare for interview, and, when the good news came, give notice to my current employers in the right way. Thanks to their forthright and honest approach, I always knew where I stood. I would recommend Birchwood Knight 100%. "

    Peter, Speechwriter

  • "I was very impressed with the quality of service provided by Birchwood Knight. They put in the time and effort to learn what the client is seeking in a new role, keep the essentials in mind and consequently provide appropriate matches to new opportunities. Follow up and support during the recruitment process was rapid and helpful. In short, they are thoroughly efficient and reliable, which lessens the time burden and stress of looking for a new job. Highly recommended. "

    Rifka, International Corporate Affairs Manager

  • "I cannot recommend Birchwood Knight enough. Having decided to move out of financial PR and into an in house communications role, Birchwood Knight were invaluable in determining the most relevant and rewarding roles for me, whilst understanding my needs for the next stage of my career. They were extremely impressive when it came to interview preparation by giving me a thorough background to the company and role beforehand. In addition, they were always extremely efficient and continually kept me in the loop on progress with my application – something not always true of all recruitment agencies. I would definitely recommend them for those in a similar situation to me and will not hesitate to use them in the future. "

    Fiona, Internal Communications Manager

  • "Birchwood Knight were great to work with. They were extremely helpful throughout the whole process, ensuring I was fully briefed. They provided useful advice at every stage and were always available to answer my questions. Their support was invaluable and their preparation was faultless. I would strongly recommend their services. "

    Rajan, Deputy Head of Media Relations

  • "I would highly recommend Birchwood Knight to any communications professional looking for a new role. The team were very supportive throughout the process, took great care in understanding my background and offered useful advice throughout the interview stages. They were a pleasure to deal with. "

    Andrew, Head of Communications

  • "I highly recommend Birchwood Knight. They recently helped place me in a position in the financial services sector and made sure to consider that my abilities and background suited the position but also considered whether my personality would be a fit for the team. Throughout the process Birchwood Knight communicated with me on a regular basis and provided a sufficient level of information in preparation for the interview. I would definitely work with Birchwood Knight again in the future. "

    Michel, Strategic Communications Executive

  • "Birchwood Knight provided an excellent service to me throughout the entire process; from interview preparation to salary negotiation, they were supportive and professional and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking for a new role in corporate communications. "

    Jo, Senior Communications Manager - Sustainability

  • "Wayne and the team at Birchwood Knight were enormously helpful during the recruitment process for my current role. At every stage - from interviewing to salary negotiation - I was given great advice and support. Wayne in particular seems an astute judge of character with a good understanding of where a candidate might best be suited, and his knowledge of the Corporate Affairs sector is obviously deep. I would have no hesitation in recommending Birchwood Knight to anyone looking for new a job in communications.   "

    Damien, Speechwriter to the CEO

  • "I was really pleased with Birchwood Knight's service. Having liaised with recruitment agencies which tend to throw lots of ideas at you and wait to see if anything sticks, I really appreciated Birchwood Knight’s selective and careful approach. I felt listened to and not just talked at. They matched me with a firm that seems right not just for my career but for my personality too. I would recommend them even to the sceptical people who prefer looking for jobs going to the employer direct. Birchwood Knight add value, take your personal and career needs into consideration and make the process smooth, without putting you under pressure. "

    Margherita, Corporate and Financial PR Manager

  • "The team at Birchwood Knight provided excellent guidance throughout the recruitment journey and ensured that I was thoroughly prepared at each stage of the interview process. Their insights and feedback enabled me to focus my presentation and pinpoint precise areas where my skills and experience could be highlighted to most effect. Very importantly, their friendly approach and support were most appreciated. "

    Amanda, Corporate Affairs Director

  • "I would highly recommend Birchwood Knight to anyone thinking of making a move into the corporate communications world. They have a deep understanding of their chosen field, are exceptionally well-networked in the market, and really go the extra mile for their candidates. During my own process, it was clear that my Consultant’s interest in the success of my candidacy went far above commercial considerations, as can all too often be the case with many recruitment firms. I was kept fully briefed throughout and, given the interactions I had during my interviews, it was clear that the client had been well briefed on my skills and characteristics. I would not hesitate to use them again. "

    James, Senior Communications Manager - Employee Insight

  • "I approached Birchwood Knight when I was looking for a fast-paced communications role with an iconic company, and that's exactly what I got. Throughout the recruitment process, the Birchwood Knight team were very supportive, offering insights and knowledge that were very valuable during my interviews. I was guided through each stage and they were genuinely interested to hear how I was getting on - even after I had started. "

    Liz, Communications Manager

  • "I would not hesitate to use Birchwood Knight again, or recommend them. The team guided me through the recruitment process expertly. At every stage they focused my thoughts on the questions that mattered and offered astute advice. They were efficient and proactive, and most of all, the team delivered all of this with the utmost charm. "

    Liz, Deputy Head of Public Affairs

  • "I have no hesitation in recommending Birchwood Knight. The company provided an extremely professional service from the very beginning to the end of the process. I was particularly impressed by the sensitivity and guidance provided by my consultant when helping me face the daunting spectre of changing sectors after more than 17 years in defence. The experts at Birchwood Knight guided me through the process providing me with sound advice along the journey. A truly "top class" service. "

    Chris, Head of External Affairs

  • "I was very impressed by the service that Birchwood Knight provided. They had a thorough understanding of both the candidate and client’s needs making the recruitment process as straightforward as possible. The team was proactive, supportive, friendly and professional, supported by a strong understanding of the communications industry and a willingness to be properly engaged in the process. "

    Georgina, Head of PR

  • "Birchwood Knight offers what I think to a be unique approach – they don’t just call up when potential jobs arise, they take the time to advise and nurture when it comes to my career. I’ve always found the team to be incredibly responsive, helpful and unafraid to be honest – and that’s something I respect and value. My relationship with Birchwood Knight has developed over the years precisely because they take the time to get to know me – and I appreciate that enormously. "

    Paul, Interim Head of Communications

  • "I am very grateful for Birchwood Knight's support during a challenging yet successful application for a role. I appreciated their insight into what their client was looking for in the successful candidate and as a result felt well prepared for the interviews. They were approachable and responsive at all stages of the process, and I have since recommended their services to friends and would not hesitate to work with them again in the future. "

    Anna, Communications Manager - Events & Publications

  • "Birchwood Knight were instrumental in getting me placed in my current role. With a clear understanding of what I was looking for, their support was highly valued. I would strongly recommend Birchwood Knight to anyone looking to find a communications role that matches their talents. "

    Chris, Internal Communications Officer

  • "Birchwood Knight are as friendly and approachable as they are professional. I believe that they genuinely had my interests at heart and always gave an honest assessment of new job opportunities and my suitability for the post. They offered me fantastic support and advice throughout the interview process and proved expert at negotiating the best pay settlement available. Furthermore, since moving into my new role, this support and guidance has not stopped. It was a pleasure to work with Birchwood Knight as I am sure it will be again in the future. "

    Dan, Government Affairs Manager

  • "I was extremely impressed with Birchwood Knight from the word go. Shortly after registering my interest for the role via email, I was contacted and talked through it in a detailed and informative manner. From then on in, my Consultant was extremely attentive, thoughtful and clear in his communications. He made the whole application process extremely smooth, and offered sound advice when required. I couldn’t recommend them more. "

    Will, Communications Executive

  • "Birchwood Knight were fantastic in helping me find a new position. They took the time to get to know me and were very supportive throughout the whole process. They gave me really useful advice and always ensured they had my best interests at heart. I'd thoroughly recommend Birchwood Knight to anyone looking for a new role. "

    Eleanor, Corporate Responsibility Manager

  • "I thought that the standard of service provided by Birchwood Knight was excellent – they’re true professionals. The team seemed genuinely motivated in helping me take the next step in my career and their support during the application process was always helpful. I would certainly recommend them. "

    Andrew, PR Manager

  • "Birchwood Knight provided a friendly, professional and efficient service throughout the whole recruitment process. They took the time to find out what I wanted for my communications career, and were always on hand to provide advice. Their insight into the company proved invaluable not only to secure a job offer, but to help me decide the role was the right one for me. "

    Patricia, Media Manager

  • "I had a really positive experience with Birchwood Knight. They were different to other recruiters that I have worked with in that not only are they very thorough with the client, they also provide a lot of support to candidates and are behind you all the way. They are extremely professional and I would definitely recommend them. "

    Jessica, Financial & Corporate Communications Manager

  • "Making the move from Civil Service to Private Sector can be quite daunting but Birchwood Knight helped make that easier by discussing the relative merits of different roles and organisations. They explained how to maximise my experience, understand the private sector mindset, and spent one-on-one time with me before interviews. They were able to arrange some really useful meetings which ultimately resulted in me getting a great job. "

    Toby, Regulatory Affairs Manager

  • "My experience with Birchwood Knight has been so enjoyable and the Consultants I dealt with were helpful and professional throughout the entire process. Their knowledge of the public affairs industry and the positions candidates are best suited to was key in securing me the right interviews. The team gave great support and advice, they also contacted me at every stage of the job search which showed how much they genuinely cared about my individual search. My new position is providing me with great experience and was definitely a step up in my career and it's definitely down to the excellent service Birchwood Knight provide. "

    Oliver, Public Affairs Executive

  • "I'm always amazed at how recruiters can often get it wrong; approaching you for a totally different job to what you're after, getting the basics wrong so you end up constantly declining. Birchwood Knight were different. They listened; they accurately identified suitable roles, they were discrete and they know their clients inside out. It was their relationships with their clients, which stood out for me the most - it meant they could give me the best advice during the interview process, more than a regular recruiter. I highly recommend Birchwood Knight for both clients and candidates, they really know how to add value. "

    Avnee, Digital Content Manager

  • "Birchwood Knight provided excellent support during two years working as a freelance consultant, always keeping me in the loop about conversations with the client and logistical changes. They also gave me impartial advice when I was looking to move on - a great combination of professional and friendly. "

    Rachel, Social Media Editor

  • "I can highly recommend Birchwood Knight. They placed me in my current interim role and kept me up to date and informed every step through the recruitment process. They take a very personal approach to ensure that the right job matches the right person and I look forward to working with them again throughout my career. "

    Sarah, Interim Communications Manager

  • "Birchwood Knight provided an excellent service for me when I secured a temporary contract auditing a blue chip company's Internal Communications. As a candidate I was looked after prior to the interview and throughout the process. I have no hesitation in recommending Birchwood Knight. "

    Zoe, Internal Communications Manager

  • "I was deeply impressed with Birchwood Knight. They were thorough, professional and keen to do all they could to make me as prepared as possible at all stages of the process. They also showed a strong understanding of the public affairs market and how my skills and experience could best be presented. A cut above the rest! "

    Andrew, Policy Officer

  • "Birchwood Knight is one of the best communications recruitment agencies in the market. From the very first meeting, the team impresses with their professionalism, focus and friendly approach.  They have an excellent understanding of their clients’ businesses and provide a personal service throughout the recruitment process, ensuring that candidates are looked after at each stage. My role involved relocation and the team were very supportive of the practical issues and timescales involved.  I have no hesitation in recommending Birchwood Knight, they deliver a first-rate service. "

    Beverly, Head of UK Employee Communications

  • "As a candidate, I found Birchwood Knight professional, focused and highly responsive to both the employer and my own needs. This was the case across each of the recruitment and selection stages from first contact, through shortlisting, to handling the details of the contract when the offer was made. Right along the way, they kept in contact, provided valuable advice and insights, and ensured that I had the right information that was needed. On top of this, I was very impressed with their in-depth knowledge of the internal communications and engagement field. Their understanding of the area and the market as a whole completely surpassed my expectations and gave me the confidence that they knew that they were doing. Overall, it’s been a pleasure working with them. "

    Sanjoy, Senior Employee Communications Manager - Change Communications

  • "I was impressed with how much Birchwood Knight stayed in touch throughout the recruitment process, keeping me informed of each stage. They were very encouraging and complimentary of my experience and suitability for the role. I would happily work with them again. "

    Aimee, PR Manager - Middle East & Africa

  • "I cannot recommend Birchwood Knight strongly enough to help you find your next role. Their attention to detail in matching you with the right role both in terms of your skills and your career advancement is exceptional. The support and follow up provided during the process was really helpful, and I have already recommended them to colleagues. "

    Denise, Internal Communications Manager - Events

  • "Birchwood Knight will be my first port of call the next time I’m looking for a new role and I’ve recommended them to several friends who are planning a move. The team are hugely knowledgeable about the field, and were very supportive and professional throughout the process. "

    Alasdair, Communications Advisor

  • "Birchwood Knight provided a fantastic service and I felt they were fighting my corner at every stage of the process. I found the consultants friendly and highly professional with a detailed knowledge of policy and communications. I felt well briefed and supported from my initial application through to the interview stage. Thanks to Birchwood Knight I secured my dream job within a month. "

    Chris, Policy Officer

  • "I was looking for an EMEA role to add some international brand experience to my CV. Rather than say I didn't have the necessary experience the Birchwood Knight team were far more interested in what I could offer, and helped me to secure an interim contract with a leading FTSE 250 firm. I'd thoroughly recommend Birchwood Knight to anyone seeking a new job in corporate communications. "

    Richard, Director of Communications

  • "Birchwood Knight were so much more responsive than other recruiters I have worked with before, and that really helped the process move smoothly and quickly. The consultant I worked with took the time to check in with me throughout the interview process and once I had my offer, made sure I had the answers to some final questions very speedily. As I had a three month notice period to work before I could start my new role, the Birchwood Knight team facilitated regular contact with my new boss, so that I felt totally at home when I finally landed in the new company. A great experience all round. "

    Sophie, Senior Employee Communications Manager - Global Campaigns

  • "Birchwood Knight were helpful, professional and efficient at every stage of the application process and helped me secure the perfect job within a matter of weeks. They always kept me informed as to the process and what was expected of me and their helpful staff really took the stress out of the job search. "

    Corinna, Government Affairs Manager

  • "The guys at Birchwood Knight are professional, thoughtful and really know their stuff. I received clever advice and felt well supported and prepared all the way through the recruitment process. The help and guidance didn’t stop when I got the job either. This kind of attention to detail really makes all the difference when you are grappling with a career change or making the leap to a new organisation. "

    Mary, News Editor

  • "Birchwood Knight were consummate professionals in helping me with my last job move. They understand their clients’ needs in detail and I really appreciated how they took the time to explore with me if the opportunities and challenges presented by this role would be right for me, and if my skill set and experience would be right for the client. This meant I felt totally prepared for the application and interview process and I'm now in a job that is just what I was looking for at this stage in my career. "

    Kate, Head of Policy & Public Affairs

  • "Birchwood Knight are a highly professional organisation. I have dealt with a few recruiters previously, but they are much better than others, and don’t treat those who are searching for a new opportunity as just another candidate or a number. I was thoroughly supported throughout the whole process, and treated with courtesy and respect. I would highly recommend this organisation to anyone seeking a new position. "

    Robert, Policy and Public Affairs Manager

  • "I found it very easy to work with Birchwood Knight in seeking a move back to the private sector. My consultant quickly understood what I was looking for in a new role and helped me find the right fit in an efficient and friendly way, which really removed the hassle from combining a search for new work with the existing day job. It was great to be able to keep in touch through the application process - where I found I was given plenty of time to think things over - and beyond into contract negotiation and to my start date. I have no hesitation in recommending Birchwood Knight - and indeed have already done so. "

    Nick, Corporate Affairs Manager

  • "I was very impressed with Birchwood Knight from my first meeting to the point at which, more than two months later, I was offered a new PR role with a big City-based law firm. I felt the Birchwood Knight team understood my strengths as a candidate, the wider world of business communications and the requirements of the firm to which I was speaking. They provided an excellent, professional and efficient service throughout the recruitment process - I felt fully supported at all times and would unhesitatingly recommend Birchwood Knight to other job seekers. "

    Andrew, Head of Media Relations EMEA

  • "Birchwood Knight were a helpful and attentive partner throughout my search for a new role. They always kept in touch and were great at keeping me updated. When it came to my interview process, they offered really useful advice and their guidance helped me to prepare in the best way. Ultimately, they helped me get a great job and that's what really matters! "

    Elmley, Public Relations Executive

  • "Birchwood Knight are the sort of recruitment consultants that anyone searching for a job or an employee would love to have working on their behalf. Not only do they have the ability to provide essential advice using their professional yet friendly style, they also exude an enthusiasm that helps to ease any concerns and ultimately offer a refreshing approach to the recruitment process. "

    Adam, Social Media Executive

  • "The Birchwood Knight team played a big role in helping me secure an ideal job. They were unfailingly helpful, both in explaining the role and walking me through the recruitment process. They provided useful, prompt feedback throughout. At every stage, I felt I was in good hands. An extremely professional service from an enthusiastic group of people. I'd recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat. "

    Michael, Speechwriter

  • "I would highly recommend Birchwood Knight as an expert communications recruitment consultancy. The team go out of their way to understand the needs of their candidates as well as providing thorough insight into the companies they represent. They are approachable, diligent and add genuine value in the recruitment process. "

    Alice, Deputy Head of Public Affairs

  • "I cannot recommend the team at Birchwood Knight highly enough. They provided tailored advice and insight at every stage of the interview process, helping me to secure my ideal job. As well as being extremely well-connected, the team are professional, prompt and polite at all times. A pleasure to work with. "

    Olivia, Head of External Affairs

  • "Birchwood Knight were a pleasure to work with. This was the first time I'd worked with a recruitment agency as a candidate, and they made the whole process smooth and hassle-free. Their staff are very experienced and offer helpful guidance to candidates at each stage of the recruitment process. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking for their next career move. "

    Rocky, External Affairs Manager

  • "A week from seeing a job advertised to being offered the job is an impressive service. I'd highly recommend Birchwood Knight, I was supported to gain the job opportunity I was looking for. "

    Kelly, Interim Public Affairs and Policy Manager

  • "The senior Birchwood Knight team provide everything recruiters and candidates need – sensible advice, clear recommendations and appropriate intelligence. They stand out from other consultancies and, in my opinion, cannot be bettered. "

    Mark, Head of Communications

  • "Birchwood Knight have been amazing in finding me a role; from the very first phone call, right through to securing my start date has been quick and effortless. My consultant was fantastic - very quick to respond and extremely supportive during my interview period and throughout. I would highly recommend them to anyone job seeking. "

    Benjamin, Stakeholder Relations Executive

  • "Birchwood Knight were fantastic at helping me secure my new position. From the first phone call my Consultant was friendly and helpful and consistently kept me updated and motivated throughout the process. They ensured that I was fully prepared for every interview stage and provided me with plenty of advice along the way. I would not hesitate to recommend the team at Birchwood Knight. "

    Sian, Corporate Communications Officer

  • "Birchwood Knight proved to be both proactive and efficient in helping me to secure my new role, from initial meeting to salary negotiations. My Account Manager was always on the ball and helped make changing jobs seamless. Birchwood Knight did a good job. "

    Lisa, Senior PR Advisor

  • "Birchwood Knight were hugely supportive throughout the recruitment process and able to provide genuine insight and advice. "

    Ed, Press Officer

  • "Birchwood Knight are hands down one of the best recruiters I have worked with. They really went above and beyond taking the time to get to know me and really understanding the type of role I was looking for. My consultant took a chance on me when I was what could only be described as the under dog for the role, guided me through the interview process and helped me net my ideal role. They was the only recruiter I met who would really take this chance with me and I'm extremely grateful. I would highly recommend them. "

    Jill, Employee Communications Manager

  • "I met Birchwood Knight early in my job search; they were professional, helpful, friendly and reliable. They asked me sensible in-depth questions and I felt, they had a real interest in ensuring that the job was as right for me as I was for it. They kept me updated throughout the whole process, were very realistic and always made time if I had any questions. I couldn’t have asked for more. "

    Henry, Communications Manager

  • "My Consultant at Birchwood Knight is an exceptional recruiter.  She found the ideal role for me and gave me invaluable tips and advice at every stage of the application process. Cannot recommend enough. "

    Tristan, Press and PR Officer

  • "I can highly recommend Birchwood Knight, and have already done so to a number of people looking for new job opportunities. Birchwood Knight helped me find my ideal position in a remarkably short period of time, and provided prompt, detailed and expert information and advice at every step. They are extremely responsive to candidate needs, and I know their clients are similarly satisfied. "

    Gillian, Head of Public Policy

  • "Birchwood Knight were instrumental in helping me to secure my first marketing director role. They supported my move back to the private sector, providing invaluable advice about positioning myself and highlighting my transferrable skills. They were also excellent ambassadors for my new employers; my consultant had an in-depth understanding of the organisation and was always enthusiastic about the opportunities in the role, whilst never making unrealistic promises. Direct and straightforward to deal with, I always felt I was getting honest feedback and useful guidance from my consultant. "

    Trevor, Marketing Director

  • "Birchwood Knight has helped me in finding two positions [freelance and permanent] and on both occasions I have been impressed by their integrity and professionalism. It is evident that they take the time to understand the needs of both the recruiter and candidate and put a lot of effort into ensuring that both parties' expectations are well matched. They are very supportive at each stage of the recruitment process and proactive with updates and communication. I have not always found this to be the case with other recruiters and Birchwood Knight really are a credit to their profession. I highly recommend Birchwood Knight to anyone looking for work in communications, or any employer who has a communications vacancy to fill. "

    Simon, Internal Communications Manager

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